What the Bleep?

Meet our kickass dome of mind controllerism

the video bleep dome in its native habitat

Video Bleep is a 360 degree surround-video, immersive, interactive mind control bubble. Our goal for the past 2 years has been to produce a mobile, extra-sensory canvas for both audio and visual artists to play with the environment and brainspace of our visitors.  This year we’re raising the bar even higher for the Video Bleep project – the bleep-o-sphere will be larger, brighter, and most importantly, interactive.

The base of this art project is a 30ft diameter professionally fabricated  Shelter Systems structure with an opaque white skin made of flame-retardant tarp fabric. This skin provides an interface for our three free-standing 4300 lumen projectors mounted outside of the dome. Participants can either gather around the outside of the  environment and watch the video bleep across its skin, or they may enter and be immersed inside a novel environment of visuals, sound, and other participants. Video Bleep 2013 will include weatherproof enclosures for the projectors, a variation on the 5.1 model of surround sound, and the incorporation of several user input devices for an enhanced, interactive visual experience.

Inside the 30ft structure, participants will be immersed in, experience, and interact with 360 degrees of video and surround sound. Having total control over perception allows manipulation of frames of reference, suspense of disbelief, reactions, and even equilibrium. Participants will be able to control the speed, color, and brilliance of video via joystick, Wii-motes, and Kinect interfaces. They will be able to sit back and navigate the virtual worlds and scenarios which we custom design for the dome environment. They will be able to play games, interacting with the projected artwork and with each other as well. Last, but not least, they will be compelled to have a Party Dancey Time™.

Video Bleep’s desire is to play with you.